Water Well Rehabilitation

Water well rehabilitation has come a long way in the past few years. With many great ideas coming from the industry and the advancement of technology, water well rehabilitation has been able to bring back to life some wells that had been on the verge of abandonment. The Airburst and Hy-RIP systems are just a couple of the great water well rehabilitation systems that are in use today.

The Airburst water well rehabilitation process uses an air gun to stimulate the area around the well. Strategically placed air bursts release scales, sedimentation, and other bio-mass from the bore hole and can help to treat specific areas of concern. The Airburst system is also a Green process, meaning it’s one of the cleanest and safest water well rehabilitation systems available.

Another highly effective water well rehabilitation process is the Hy-RIP service. Through a high rate pumping system, special chemistry is injected into the well at up to 4200 GPM and pressures of over 60 PSI. The Hy-RIP water well rehabilitation system produces an extreme cleaning of the well including every crack and crevice, and will remove many different types of buildup. Many wells have even produced a higher capacity after this type of water well rehabilitation.

After years of use many wells can form biological and sedimentary buildup which can reduce the wells output and can even lead to well abandonment. Through proper well maintenance, testing, and water well rehabilitation, there is no reason why a well cant last many additional years as well. Keep your well clean and have a water well rehabilitation done today.

Success Stories

Just a few of our recent water well repairs success stories include Oscar Meyers, WI; Lyondell Basell, IA City of Lake Geneva, WI; and many more throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.

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