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Explore exclusive well rehabilitation technologies by Water Well Solutions: Airburst®, Nitroburst®, Lamnaflo®, and Hy-RIP® for comprehensive treatment.


Airburst® & Nitroburst®

Airburst® (and Nitroburst® – inert gas) are exclusive physical well rehabilitation technologies offered by Water Well Solutions. Airburst® uses a state-of-the-art pneumatic gun, fully controlled by the operator, to release targeted bursts of compressed air or inert gas within the well. The instantaneous release of gas from the chamber causes an aggressive water surge to remove debris from the screen and/or formation, as well as dislodges and disrupts debris within unconsolidated formations.  No other air impulse system comes close to the power generated by the Airburst® system.  The targeted bursts of air expand within the well, and then collapse with similar force, generating an intense surging action. This surging action mimics a mechanical cleaning of the well and draws mineral and biological debris dislodges from the formation during the process for an easy removal with a bailer.  By delivering well treatment chemistries through a chemical injection hose to the ports on the air gun, we are able to pinpoint treat each and every foot of the open borehole or screen for the most thorough chemical treatment possible. Airburst® is a green and environmentally friendly process; with no chemical or explosives used. 



Lamnaflo® is an Exclusive suction flow control device for eliminating sand in water wells. This device creates laminar flow by reducing the water inflow speed from a formation or screen by evenly distributing the flow over a much larger area of the well. Slower moving water does not have sufficient energy to pick up and carry sand into the pump intake and water distribution system. In addition, the proper dissipation of the suction energy assists with eliminating any stagnant water within the bottom or low flow areas of the borehole where bacteria can often harbor.  The Lamnaflo® system will increase your water quality, reduce any sand output, as well as reduce mineral precipitation within the well which will ultimately reduce operational costs, and extend the life of your well. 

hy rip


The Water Well Solutions Hy-RIP® system is the most advanced High-Rate Injection Process available.  Hy-RIP combines rapid rate injection with well treatment chemistries.  The Hy-RIP® process overwhelms the formations paths of least resistance and mechanically forces chemicals into every crack, crevice and pore space within the formation or gravel pack. The repeated surging of NSF approved chemistry provides the most thorough and comprehensive treatment.  Additional dosing of treatment batches allows the Hy-RIP® process to affect a large treatment zone that pushes energy out into the aquifer where treatment is critical and often missed with traditional methods.  

Well Swaging: An Alternative Approach To Water Well Rehabilitation

Repair Holes in Damaged & Deteriorating Casing:
Our FDA approved Neoprene backing seals in damaged areas of the casing.
It is effective in preventing sand intrusion & cascading water while improving water quality and production.

Minimum Interference:
Our Swage patch is ¼” thick, meaning, the patch won’t interfere with installation of the existing pumping equipment.
Our lining repairs damaged casing without losing volume of the well.
Well owners can keep existing pumping equipment

Effective Alternative to Drilling a New Well:
Swaging creates a long-lasting repair for Well Casing and Screens.
Swaging is a cost effective and time efficient alternative to drilling a new well.

Improve Water Quality:
Swage patches can be used in all types of well construction.
The patch can line areas where there is undesirable water infiltration from holes in the

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