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Porta-Tower Service

Trust Water Well Solutions for expert water storage cleaning & inspection of storage reservoirs and tanks. Certified teams ensure safe, thorough service.

Water Well Solutions provides cleaning and inspection services for underground water storage reservoirs and hydropneumatic tanks.  Our services teams are trained and certified for confined space entry to safely and efficiently manage your project from start to finish.  Our staff uses exclusive chemistry from Pantonite to effectively dissolve and remove even the toughest of iron and manganese staining.  High pressure washing equipment is utilized to expedite the cleaning process.   Visual and video inspections are performed to create a report for the client as well as regulatory agencies.  When necessary or desired, Water Well Solutions can employ one of our large fleet of Porta-Tower hydropneumatic tanks to allow for seamless water distribution pressure and operation while your reservoir or water tower are out of service for maintenance or repair.

  • Water Sampling and Reporting
  • DNR Reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Day-to-day Operations
  • Chemical Feed Monitoring
  • Filter Operations
  • Liaison to Regulatory Agencies
  • Complete Well House Audits
  • Monthly Well Maintenance—Performance testing and general servicing
Porta Tower


Water well Solutions Port-a-Tower, portable water tower, system uses large portable hydro- pneumatic tanks in conjunction with variable frequency drives to take the place of elevated storage and hydro-pneumatic tanks while they are out of service for repairs/painting. Each Porta-Tower system is designed to meet our clients’ individual needs. The Porta-Tower system uses various methods, including VFD’s to maintain pressure in the distribution system. This provides many advantages over the “open fire hydrant” method, such as: 

  • Reduce/eliminate broken water mains due to water hammer. 
  • Reduce/eliminate millions of gallons in lost revenue. 
  • Eliminate “wasting” millions of gallons of our most precious resource- Drinking Water. 
  • Less Strain on local sanitary and storm systems. 

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