Water Well Logging

Water Well Solutions water well video logging system utilizes CCV's Dual view camera to provide both a downhole view and a detailed, 360 degree continuous scan of well sidewalls. A side view allows a well video logging operator to examine the formation walls, casings, screen, gravel pack, infiltration, encrustations, deterioration, perforation blockage or other physical damage. CCV dual view cameras provide rotating image elements for maximum examination. No moving high-pressure seals, which may leak or bind, are used. This well video logging camera has a pressure rating of 2500 psi and is resistant to vibrations and shock while performing well video logging profiles.

Well Video Logging Downhole Video Logging

Well Video Logging Camera Features:

Our BT9600 is a dual viewing well video logging camera that has significant improvements over other well video logging cameras available in the downhole video logging camera marketplace. This well video logging camera uses a single camera module that tilts under operator control to look down the borehole or at the casing wall. The BT9600 well video logging camera can be rotated 360 degrees, continuously to inspect the entire diameter or casing joint.

Well Video Logging Camera
  • Dual View Inspection Camera with no external moving parts
  • Side View, 360 degree Rotation INSIDE the sealed Camera Housing
  • Diagnostic Camera Condition with On-Screen Instrumentation (Voltages, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Model Number)
  • Short Dual Viewing Inspection Tool (3.5" OD X 22" Long).
  • Rotating Side View Light Intensity (Low-Medium-High), and rotation speed control (Low, Medium, High)
  • Pressurized Camera Housing Even with Light head Removed
  • Interchangeable Lengths of Downhole Light heads for different size case diameters.

Well Video Logging Winch Features:
Well Video Logging Services

Our well video logging winch holds 2500 feet of ¼ inch single conductor inspection cable. The well video logging winch is configured to operate with an electric motor and contains a level wind mechanism, an emergency hand brake, a variable speed controller and a mechanical counter. The counter wheel uses a 200 pulse optical encoder for accurate on-screen depth. All CCV winches use a sealed mercury slip ring for a continuous maintenance free electrical connection.

In Addition Our Well Video Logging Winch Features:
  1. Heavy duty steel frame construction powder coated to resist corrosion
  2. Chain drive with dog clutch for freewheel operation
  3. Disc brake with adjustable tension handle
  4. Electric motor with reduction gear drive.
  5. Swivel base and boom arm which extends up to 9 feet
  6. Reel capacity up to 2,500 feet of ¼ inch single conductor steel reinforced cable
  7. Stainless Steel cable head.

Geophysical Logging:

A geophysical log is a continuous profile with depth, characterizing rock properties adjacent to a borehole or well. Collecting log data is fast and reliable. Data is displayed in real-time, as the probe is raised, for immediate analysis. Logging systems are used for ground water development, mining, exploration, geological and geophysical research, civil engineering studies, and environmental projects.

Calibrated borehole geophysical logs provide an objective, repeatable continuous profile with depth of rock and fluid properties. Data is displayed in real-time, as the probe is raised, for immediate analysis. This allows investigators in the field to make decisions about the location and attributes of geological formations. This data is easily archived for later study. Applications are numerous.

Here are just some of the  Logging Probes Water Well Solutions utilizes? Well Video Logging Equipment

Mt. Sopris MGX-II Data Logger

Water Well Video Logging

Water Well Solutions Owns and operates it's own Mt. Sopris MGX-II Data Logger.  Our Logging van, pictured above, contains 2500ft of downhole coaxial cable allowing us to log even the deepest water wells. 

We use the latest MSLog software from Mt. Sopris to accurately record and compile data in regards to your well holes physical characteristics. That data can then in turn be run through another software application, Well-CAD Ver. 3.2 Build 226, enabling further enhancement, and editing, while preparing the data for analysis.

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