Water Well Rehabilitation

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Water Well Service

Water Well Solutions project managers have been on the cutting edge of water well rehabilitation technology since before our conception.  Our innovative ideas has lead to the creation of several patents to assist in water well rehabilitation which have benefited the industry and are in use around the world today.  In addition to our two most successful water well rehabilitation and development technologies, the AirBurst™ and Hy-RIP™ systems, Water Well Solutions also has in our arsenal traditional methods of water well rehabilitation and developing water wells.  With our down hole televising services, we can identify the problem areas in a well and coming up with the best possible water well rehabilitation methods for each individual client.  These include, but are not limited to technologies that Water Well Solutions utilizes on a daily basis for water well rehabilitation, water well pump service, water well irrigation, pressure relief wells, injection wells, open loop geothermal wells as well as many more applications.

  • Water Well Rehabilitation
  • Acidization/pressure acidization
  • Surge block
  • Air/Water Jetting
  • Raw Hiding
  • Water Well Pump Service Pressurization
  • Specifically targeted NSF approved chemical water well rehabilitation
  • Explosives for Water Well Rehabilitation
Hy-Rip Technology

Step 1: Rapidly inject water chemistry mix into formation through the screen and into the aquafier where treatment is most critial

Step 2: Silts, sediments, biological buildup is removed to imporve overall efficiency. Repeat steps with specific chemistry

  • Shallow Wells, Excessive Mineralization
  • Mechanical and Chemical Rehab method
  • Overwhelms path of least resistance causing full penetration

Airburst Technology

Water Well Service

The Powerful Rehabilitation and Development Process for all Water Well Types

Compressed air or inert gas are the sources of AIRBURST energy, providing you and your customers with an effective and responsible GREEN alternative to other methods.

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