Well Rehabilitation

Of the course of time a water well may show reduced production for a variety of reasons that can be rejuvenated with well rehabilitation. Bacteria and other residual buildup are the usual culprits, which can occur on the intake screens and the well casing.

Well rehabilitation through high pressure jets, chemical treatments, and even small explosives can clean out your well and improve its capacity back to normal operation.

The simplest method of well rehabilitation is through chemical treatments. Acidization or other chemicals are introduced into the well and can remove a majority of iron deposits. The type of buildup within the well will determine what kind of chemical well rehabilitation is needed. After the chemicals are placed in the well, they are agitated for a period of time and then the well is pumped clean. Chemical well rehabilitation is completely safe and a complete water testing is done before the well is put back in service.

For tougher well rehabilitation cases, high pressure jetting can also be used to remove debris, and can also be used to crack additional sources of water the well can pull from. A high pressure water jet tool is lowered into the well and used to blast contaminates from the casing wall. This type of well rehabilitation is great for wells that require additional capacity.

Well rehabilitation is a very common process that brings new life to older wells. It’s also much cheaper than drilling a new well completely. Consult a well rehabilitation company near you for information about what process can best be used to bring your well back to life.

Success Stories

Just a few of our recent water well repairs success stories include Oscar Meyers, WI; Lyondell Basell, IA; City of Lake Geneva, WI; and many more throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.

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