Well Drilling

Homes and businesses that are in a rural or undeveloped area generally rely on well drilling as a primary source of providing clean potable water. Well drilling is available almost anywhere where there is a water table or aquifer reachable by modern well drilling equipment. Although well drilling provides easy access to underground water, the water may not always be drinkable and can require treatment to remove minerals such as arsenic, iron, and manganese.

Most wells are typically created using well drilling machines which dig down to the water table using segmented steel drills. Once the hole is drilled, a steel casing is inserted into the bore hole and then a pump is used to push or pull the water to the surface. The size of well drilling required will be much larger if the well is to be used as a pumping or production well.

Before any well drilling can start a hydrologist must gather information about the local geology and water table. They will be able to determine how much water the well drilling can produce and how fast the water table can be recharged. Additional testing must be done before well drilling can commence to determine the chemical and bacterial composition of the water table.

Well drilling must be done by a local water well contractor that is licensed in your state. Requirements set in place to keep the water table from being contaminated by well drilling may require permits from the Department of Natural Resources in your state as well. Contact your local water well contractor for more information about well drilling for your home or business.

Success Stories

Just a few of our recent water well repairs success stories include Oscar Meyers, WI; Lyondell Basell, IA; City of Lake Geneva, WI; and many more throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.

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