Water Well Pump Installation

If you have a water well or if your old well pump has failed, then Water Well Solutions is the place to go for new water well pump installation and service. Regardless of the horse power or depth of your water well, Water Well Solutions can handle any size project from a 1/2hp pump to 1000Hp. We are a professional water well contractor licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, and Iowa servicing your water well pump installation and water well drilling needs. We can ensure that your water well pump installation is done correctly and that your pump meets all state and local water well codes.

Water well pump installation/repairs requires access to the water well for installation of the new pumping equipment. A visual and downhole video inspection is done to make sure the well casing and water well column pipe are clean and do not show any deterioration or corrosion. The new well pump will be disinfected and lowered into the well with one of our many pump service hoists by connecting lengths of steel or PVC piping and set in either or pitless adaptor or discharge head that Water Well Solutions fabricates in house.

If your water well pump installation requires either a submersible pump or lineshaft turbine pumping, Water Well Solutions represents many manufactures such as Flow Service, Layne Christensen Pumps, ITT Goulds, American Marsh, American Turbine, Gycon, Sta-Rite, Red Jacket, Grundfus, Berkley, Peerless, and many more. Submersible and lineshaft turbine pumps are custom designed for each individual client to meet their applications.

After the water well pump installation is complete a thorough testing of your well system will be done. Electrical, Flow, Pump, Pressure, and Water tests are all important aspects of the water well pump installation, and are also required by some city codes. These tests also make sure that your well water is clean and safe from hazardous bacteria and contaminants.

Although some water well pump installation appear simple, in reality they are very complex and an owner should never attempted to pull their own pumping equipment. Many pumps are set hundreds of feet and weight 1,000’s of pounds and without the specialized training and proper equipment that Water Well Solutions has, it could be very dangerous or even deadly.

Success Stories

Just a few of our recent water well repairs success stories include Oscar Meyers, WI; Lyondell Basell, IA City of Lake Geneva, WI; and many more throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us for a list of references.

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