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October 15, 2014

Let me first start out by saying I have been in the municipal water field for 29 years, and I have used a number of different well companies in the past. The first project I contracted with Water Well Solutions was in about 2003. I have been using Water Well Solutions exclusively for all of our projects which include: Well rehabilitation, pressure iron filter rehabilitation, air bursting, chemical well treatments, soft starts, and variable speed drives to name a few. Most importantly, for me, is the response to emergency well situations, they have always responded immediately to what I consider an emergency well outage.

All the work I have contracted with Water Well Solutions have always been completed on time, and in an emergency situation they have always got me back in production temporarily until we can get the project materials. My biggest complaint with two other well companies I have worked with in the past was that they would come in with a low bid and then tack on change orders which I believe they knew they would have to have done with the project. Water Well Solutions are upfront, honest and thorough. They have always completed all my projects within 5% of the contract amount or less unless, of course, they find something totally unexpected in which case they explain fully the reason for a possible change order and the benefits of the change, but that is rare as they are very thorough from the project start.

I have worked with most of the people at Water Well Solutions and they are totally committed to making sure that I know and understand everything about the project and pricing before the start. They have all the records of my wells and in some respects knows my wells better than I do. It is my belief that they are a company that is built on a team of down to earth knowledgeable people who really care about the client and the communities that they serve, a rare quality these days it seems.

I don't mean to sound like a commercial for Water Well Solutions but there is no other company I have worked with that I feel so much at ease with to know that I don't have to worry and watch over their shoulder to make sure everything is done correctly.

Rick Lien, Water Superintendent
Whitewater Water Utility

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