Deep Well Pumps

Deep well pumps are commonly used in water wells and extract water from an underground water source or aquifer. Deep well pumps are designed for use in water wells ranging from depths of 30ft to 3000ft below the surface. Because of the different requirements of water wells, deep water well pumps come in different sizes and varieties that are engineered to fit each water well’s particular application.

Submersible Water Well Pump

The main type of deep well pump is the submersible water well pump. With a submersible pump motor, the pumping equipment is installed down in the well below the water surface. The submersible water well pump is used though out the world for pumping the water out of a well. Based on the amount of water you need to meet your demands determines the size of the water well you’ll need for the submersible pump to fit in and the depth the pump will be set. The submersible pump requires no preventative maintenance and is one of the most reliable well pumps to own. Water Well Solutions has installed submersible pumps throughout the Midwest in sizes ranging from a 1/2Hp to 800Hp and can be used in a variety of applications.

Lineshaft Turbine

The second main type of deep well pump is the lineshaft turbine. The lineshaft turbine water well pump, depending on the depth of setting in a well requires water or oil to provide lubrication of the lineshaft bearings. The benefit of a lineshaft turbine water well pump is that he motor sits on top of the well and is easily accessible for repairs. Lineshaft turbines are commonly used in Municipal water wells, irrigation wells, industrial applications and as booster pumps. Both oil and water lubricated lineshaft turbine pumps are highly reliable and very efficient water well pumps.

The right Pump

Choosing the right size of well pumps are typically engineered based on the characteristics of each well and the particular needs of the client. Well pumps can range in production from 2 gallons per/minute to over 5,000 gallons per/minute based on the clients demands and the well capacity. Water Well Solutions carefully sizes each water well pump to the particular application.

Just of few of our recent well repairs success stories included Oscar Meyers, WI, City of Joliet, IL, Lyondellbasell, IA, City of Lake Geneva, WI, and many more throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us for a reference list.

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