Deep Well Pump Maintenance

Preventative deep well pump maintenance is essential to not only prolonging the life of a deep well pump, but also to keep costly repairs or replacements to a minimum. Modern deep well pumps can be complex, computer controlled machines, but routine deep well pump maintenance tasks are usually fairly simple. Some of the more common maintenance tasks are listed below, and a deep well pump maintenance agreement with your well contractor should cover most of these.

Visual Inspection

Water Wells and deep well pumps should have a visual inspection and preventative maintenance as part of your deep water well pump maintenance. An annual preventative maintenance program to monitor pumping levels, gallons per minute and pump performance should be done on an annual basis. A downhole water well television survey is highly recommended to inspect the downhole conditions of the water well and well casing. The well head should be inspected to ensure there is a sanitary seal to prevent contamination of the water bearing formation. An internal inspection of the rotating parts of the bowl assembly, the impellers, bowls and bowl shaft are recommended as well as the other water well pumping equipment such as the submersible pump motor. Water Well Solutions can offer a comprehensive water well and water well pump preventative maintenance program to meet your individual needs.

Flow Test

The second part of deep well pump maintenance is performing a flow test to show the output of the system, which can determine if it is running correctly. Test results that are outside of the normal range can mean that there might be a bigger issue with the deep well pump, the pressure tank, or in the control system. Electrical systems, motor performance, and pressure levels need to be tested with you deep well pump maintenance as well.

Water Test

Water from the water well should be tested for coliform bacteria and nitrates as well as other potentially harmful contamination. There are several tests to be done to determine if bacteria is present in the well form B.A.R.T.S. testing to a complete water well profile report. After all, if you don’t have clean and healthy water from your well, what good is it doing you?

comprehensive Rehabilitation

Making sure that water well maintenance is done properly and regularly is highly recommended. If at any time your water well changes color, experience odor issues or taste issue or a change in the performance of the gallon per minute then water well rehabilitation and or water well pump maintenance. If your water well shows a decline in production or change is water quality, Water Well Solutions can provide a comprehensive water well rehabilitation plan to restore the capacity and quality of the water well.

Just of few of our recent well repairs success stories included Oscar Meyers, WI, City of Joliet, IL, Lyondellbasell, IA, City of Lake Geneva, WI, and many more throughout the Midwest. Please feel free to contact us for a reference list.

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