AIRBURST™ Technology

Water Well Solutions proudly represents “AirBurst™ Technology” as an innovative water well rehabilitation technology. AirBurst™ is a proven, comprehensive rehabilitation and development process for all types of water wells. Water Water Well Solutions continues to be a leader in the well rehabilitation field.

As an original AirBurst™ licensee, we assisted in the initial development of the process, and continue to pursue innovative ways to enhance the technology. Our cutting edge approach has provided our clients with hundreds of successful applications (references available upon request).

Water Well Solutions now offers Airburst exclusively in 10 counties around the Chicagoland area, semi-exclusively in Northern Illinois and as a licensed provider in the remainder of Illinois as well as Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Water Well Solutions is a water well drilling and water well pump servicing firm that specializes in unique approaches and comprehensive solutions to water rehabilitation.We have not only brought together the most talented and diverse team of project managers in the industry, but we have sought out superior technology for water well rehabilitation.

AIRBURST™ Advantages

AirBurst is an All-American based technology and a one of a kind patented process that uses high pressure air or inert gas to stimulate selected zones within the formation by generating high-energy pressure pulses in the well. This energy generates acoustic waves that break up and remove mineral scales, silts, sedimentation and bio-films from the bore hole wall or well screen. With the energy being released at 15/1000 of a second after firing, it generates an air bubble that expands and collapses inside the well. This provides a intense surging action that generates a mechanical cleaning of the well as the bubble expands and collapses. As the bubble collapses, it creates a negative pressure zone in the well that draws mineral and biological debris dislodged from the formation during the process for easy removal with a bailer.

A single AirBurst™ air gun has numerous interchangeable firing chambers to assure you of a tailored fit in any well of any construction. We have 6 various sized air guns and 22 chambers of various capacities available.

ONLY AirBurst™ electronically and precisely controls the air gun energy discharge to allow dislodged debris to settle before the next burst occurs. Electronic firing puts the energy control in the hands of our technician. Only AirBurst™ can deliver the exact number of bursts per foot, at a controlled interval, at the desired pressure and at the exact location within the well.

AirBurst™ gun ports are also designed to provide maximum energy release by maximizing port area and internal throat size. The energy range we have available is 2 grains of TNT to 910 grains (2 pounds of TNT). We have the right tools for the smallest and most fragile well to the biggest tools available to develop rock wall wells.

Precise pressure regulation allows the AirBurst™ process to develop sustainable, controlled and exactly repeatable energy discharges. A constant energy level is maintained as the air gun is raised in the well and the hydrostatic pressure decreases. There is no guess work with AirBurst™.

No One Compares to the Power of AirBurst™:

AirBurst Model 5500LL 600A 2800LL 1900B&LL 1500C
Chamber sizes (cu. in.) 1 - 40 5 - 40 20 - 120 20 - 200 500
Max. Working Pressure (psi) 2,500 2,500 2,500 3,000 3,000
Pulse Frequency and Pressure Operator Controlled Operator Controlled Operator Controlled Operator Controlled Operator Controlled
Max. Pulse Energy @ 3000psi 27 grams TNT 27 grams TNT 68 grams TNT 109 grams TNT 910 grams TNT

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